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Standardised "plain" packaging laws

Huge step for public health in South West...

Quit this No Smoking Day

Quit this No Smoking Day

Smokers urged to quit for their health and...


PHealthA Great to see all tobacco packs #StandardisedPackaging from today - UK leading the way in tobacco control - "plain" packs protect @ASH_LDN pic.twitter.com/Ju4xjynR05
08:30AM May 20
PHealthA Survey reveals South West has most regular drinkers in Britain www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/news/survey-reveals-south-west-has-most-regular-drinkers-in-britain-1-5013243
10:51AM May 18
PHealthA Superb day. Lots learnt. Looking forward to London. twitter.com/sammertang/status/864518729161474049
05:45PM May 16
PHealthA Making every contact count key to changing behaviours. #behchange pic.twitter.com/iO1mg4St2V
01:34PM May 16
PHealthA Obesity costs the NHS 5.1bn every year. #BehChange pic.twitter.com/Bbw5KJS4Ga
01:17PM May 16
PHealthA Clinicians are people! They too need to change behaviours. #behchange
01:14PM May 16
PHealthA Great to hear from Sarah Houlden bringing to life EAST model #behchange @PHE_SouthWest pic.twitter.com/GNaNpYWh0y
01:04PM May 16
PHealthA Understanding and segmenting audience helps target limited funds to change behaviour #behchange pic.twitter.com/PFNoEp2mzD
12:57PM May 16
PHealthA Highlighting the power of storytelling #behchange @NHSscwcsu @PHE_SouthWest pic.twitter.com/MDvgD2a5er
12:52PM May 16
PHealthA 'We are more likely to do something when we specify how, when and where we will do it' #behChange
12:35PM May 16
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